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F L A N E U R [fla-ner]  French


(n.) a person who strolls the city in order to experience it. "Deliberately aimless".

Find all the hidden gems in this nostalgic graphic giclée print dedicated to the city where aimless wondering is elevated to an artform. 


Drawn in ink and digitally mastered featuring a hand-lettered itinerary, this is a very personal stroll around the city's most magical sights, tables and zincs.  I couldn't decide whether I prefered the slate blue or smoky pink so you can!

Available in three sizes :

Classic : 27  x 38 cms

Large : 43 x 60 cms

Statement :  75 x 100 cms


  • This high-quality giclée print is edited on the finest Hahnemuhle German Etching paper for an exquisite fine art finish. 

    Frame not included.
    All work and images © Gail Gosschalk Illustration
    All rights reserved under copyright, including reproduction rights. 

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